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Before contacting us for technical support, please obtain the following information:

  • The version number of DataFit or DataFitX that you are running, including the minor revision number. In DataFit, this information is available by selecting About DataFit from the Help menu. The dialog will show a version number such as "9.1.32". With DataFitX, right-click on oedfx20.dll in the Windows Explorer and click on the Version tab, or use the dfxMajorVersion, dfxMinorVersion and dfxRevision properties of the component.
  • Your serial number. For DataFit, this number is also displayed in the About DataFit dialog box, or is located on the inside cover of the user's manual if you've purchase the boxed version. For DataFitX, your serial number is located on the inside front cover of the user's manual.
  • What operating system you are running on, including version number and service pack information.
  • Any other relevant information pertaining to the problem you are having. For example, if you are having printing problems, please note the type of printer as well as driver version numbers.

Email your question or problem to support@curvefitting.com.

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